Small Business Boss Babes: Remember, the Price is the Price!

A friend reminded me today that it’s time for a reminder! Don’t get swindled, sis! As an attorney, I love using my knowledge to help others and sometimes that means I offer my services and advice for free (especially to family) - and sometimes…it doesn’t! A lot of money, time and pain (lol) went into not only obtaining the degree, but also into developing my skill set and knowledge base. Someone’s “quick question” might not actually have a quick answer. If you’re a boss on the receiving end, don’t be shy about requesting a consultation fee, or payment for a service or product when appropriate. If people get upset - you’re just weeding out those who aren’t worth your time. People who value you and what you have to offer, will be willing to pay your price - and they won’t assume you “owe” them something for free. You have to eat too!

I designed this mug out of my own frustration - so if you find yourself in the same boat, and have a hard time framing your ask in the right way (or just want to underscore that you said what you said) get your hands on a “You Can Pick My Brain After You Pick Your Payment Method” mug today! 

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